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There are two types of people in this world, those who love to read books and those who love to collect them. Whether one is an avid reader or not, the fresh smell of books and the ability to get lost in another world simply through some printed text is something that lights up every person, and if you are hoping to add some more books to your collection or start a new one, you in the right place, compiled below are some of the best book recommendations that you need to have in your collection. From historical books and exciting literary works to art and self-help books, there is so much to chose from and so many subjects to explore, that one can never tire or get bored of reading. Here are some of the best ones from our collection, check them out:

1. ‘A Brief History of Modern India’ covers the journey of India becoming a British colony, fight for independence and early years after its attainment. If you are interested in Indian history and want to know our culturally rich country better, this is the book for you. From the arrival of Europeans in India and the establishment of a British rule to struggle for freedom and finally attaining it, the author has systematically covered various aspects. The book also talks about the socio-economic and political developments during the initial years after Independence that influenced the growth of modern-day India.

2. ‘Ikigai’ by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles unlocks simple secrets to long, happy and meaningful lives. If you are looking for some motivation and tips on how to live a happy life, ‘Ikigai’ is what you need to get your hands on right away. Ikigai helps you understand yourself better with concern to your skills, interests and personal desires. It makes you realize your purpose and role in this world and equips you with positivity to accept the changes in life. The book also introduces the unique art, culture and traditions of that are still followed in parts of Japan and the enigmas of how everyone there manages to stay joyful and positive.

3.Whether you’re a Potterhead or not, everyone is familiar with the basic plot of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The story begins with an 11-year old wizard named Harry, and his struggle against a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort.The series will take you through an emotional, social and magical journey as Harry learns to overcome anxiety, depression and stress, as well as the challenges of relationships, friendships, infatuation and studies. The ‘Harry Potter Box Set: Complete Collection’ is a must-have in your library.

4.Lucent Publication’s ‘General Knowledge’ book is a one-stop guide for different competitive exams and helps you better understand and analyse the world.

It is a great resource of information for various competitive exams, with revised old topics and updated with contemporary additions. It covers various aspects related to history, geography, science and current affairs. Each topic in the book is thoroughly dealt with in a simple language, which enables you to memorize absorb only the useful information.

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